• I bought the software. How long can I use the product for?
    You can use the version you bought forever. Then, for one year after your purchase date, your license will work on the new versions released then too.
  • What if I want new versions of the software after my year is up?
    You can renew your license and buy another year of support and upgrades at a discounted price.
  • What if I don’t want to renew my licence after my year is up?
    That’s fine. You can continue to use the old software with your old license for as long as you want.
  • If I buy a license, can I use the software on multiple devices?
    Yes, the software license is on a per user basis. You can install and use it on any device you own.
  • What’s priority support?
    It means we’ll poke an imp extra hard to answer the emails you send before he deals with anything else.
  • Can I get my money back?
    If you are unsatisfied in any way, contact us within 30 days of purchasing and feed the software to a troll. We’ll give you a full refund.
  • Does the software work on Windows XP?
    We no longer test on Windows XP before releasing the product. However, we have had reports that GBAT does work on Windows XP, but this might not always be the case.
  • The program doesn’t start, what can I do?
    Our program is built using Microsoft technologies and sometimes needs additional things installing if you don’t already have them. Please try installing visual studio 14 runtimes, and then installing the visual c++ 9.0 runtimes from Microsoft and trying again.
  • Will there be a mac version?
    There are no plans for a mac version at this time, but this may change if it is requested enough.
    We have had reports that the software does work in WINE on a mac. We don’t officially support that but that may be an option. If in doubt, try the demo first.
  • Will there be a web version?
    Maybe! Keep requesting it, we are looking into it.
  • I have a great idea for a feature! What can I do?
    Brilliant! Feel free to email us at any time. We are sad and lonely in this dungeon. Someone will get back to you; every email is read and every idea is noted!