Come, wary traveller, welcome to the Rose and Stickinsect! Come warm yourself by the fire!..What’s that now? It smells of old men and dog sick? Ah, do not concern yourself, my friend! And the barkeeper has no plans to murder you…he does not do that kind of thing these days…Come! Sit, sit!..Just maybe not there, that is Hairy Mary’s chair. She is expected later and likely to rip your head off. There…that is fine. Let me tell you a little of what is happening here:

  1. This is the first official announcement of GBAT, the GameBook Authoring Tool! Have you ever written a branching adventure story and become so lost in your own devious plot twists and puzzles that you found yourself drowning in bits of paper, spreadsheets and databases? Us too! So we’ve created a designer. With this, you’re able to lay out each section of your story, branch off wherever you want and be able to move it around however you want, all the time being able to visualise the pages and their branches. Isn’t it a pain, once your gamebook is written, to jumble up all your sections and try to keep track of them? And then publishing your story is an exercise in copy and pasting to get the formatting just right…yuck! All this is covered in GBat. This first version will be available for Windows and we’re just about to go into beta testing. More information will be soon, with a release expected at the end of this month.
  2. BiscuitLand Legends (The PDF series). We realise not many of you have visited BiscuitLand before, so to ease you in we’re releasing your first adventure: Bernie Hobnob wants a biscuit. In this stirring tale, Bernie has settled down at home after a hard day at work to find he has no biscuits! Chaos and the possible end of the world ensues! This adventure is free and will be out soon in pdf format. It was entirely written in GBAT.
  3. BiscuitLand Adventure. This is our android text adventure game. We have the core engine written (the Harpy engine), it works, it’s dead sexy and around half of the story has been planned. We have some really exciting ideas and hope to bring this out by the end of the year!
  4. That’s all for now. If you could settle my bar tab on the way out, I hope to see you again soon! The next time we speak I shall tell you more of GBAT! I may even show you! Goodbye my friend!

    You find yourself in the Rose and Stickinsect. An update: