The great grandaddy of them all, Choose your own adventure, announced a return project this week. And like any hip silver-haired surfer, they want their hands on all the latest gadgets.

Tablets. But not that kind of tablet that holds their bodies together and excites wrinkled up organs, but tablets of the electronic kind. Choose your own adventure books are kickstarting app development.

It’s nice to see them return, but is it going to work? What set a CYOA book apart from all other books was that it gave you choices. It let the reader choose the story! This was a fantastic and novel experience. But it’s normal to interact with a computer game.

The other big appeal of CYOA books were to get kids reading books. They certainly kicked off my love of reading and words. I am not sure kids need equal encouragement to watch cartoons!

I think they might be missing an opportunity here, but time will tell. It would have been nice to have some new books, but it is good seeing the industry making this comeback, and it is good to have a founder back.

Choose your own…cartoon