That time of year has come around again, and it’s time for another Windhammer Prize over at This is a competition open to all budding gamebook authors, authors who feel they can offer something new and innovative to the genre.

Every year we get some stunning and creative entries. There’s always something that shows a clever mechanic, a unique setting or a great story. This year seems to be no exception, and there are 14 entries for us to sink our little fangs into. Also, as last year, there are special prizes from publisher Tin Man Games. All of this means the Gamebook industry has refound its legs (or, specifically, has found a new platform and audience) – and we should celebrate!

Here’s the link to The Windhammer Prize.

There is a new quest available.
The Windhammer Quest 2013 is to review and playthrough all 14 of this year’s entries over the next couple of weeks! I’ll be doing the quest here, possibly perishing in the process. If any other bloggers also wish to undertake this quest then let yourselves be known…

Windhammer 2013
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