Hello Adventurers!
We’d like to push out one more release before the end of the year, so here is version 1.6 of the GameBook Authoring Tool.


We have better editing support, and now we have the full do/undo stack. This means you can shuffle and edit your book as you feel the need to. If at any point you are not happy you can always undo and revert your changes back to your last happy state.
You can access the undo buttons via the toolbar, the edit menu or the shutcut key ctrl-z (and its inverse, ctrl-y).

Bug Fixes

Big thanks to everyone who has reported bugs. All known bugs have been fixed in this release. In particular:
Losing Focus while typing
Gamebook map text not sizing correctly when Windows Font size changes

The imps have taken the bugs home as pets, so hopefully they won’t be in the software any more.

Download the GameBook Authoring Tool 1.6.

So that’s it for this year. There’s a ton of new features planned for next year, don’t worry! And please don’t hesitate to let us know your own ideas!

This has been our first full year, so thank you everyone for your kind words, links and support. It really means a lot and we are going to give you the best gamebook authoring software available!
Write well. See you next year!

GBAT 1.6 is released!