Hi GBAT fans!

Image of the new flowchart
1-10 Flowchart

Here’s hoping you rolled a high stamina score this morning, for we are going to start previewing the latest features you can find in the next version of the Gamebook Authoring Tool!

The flowchart

The flowchart drawing engine has been rebuilt from scratch. It’s smarter looking and should feel more responsive. Section nodes are drawn a little tighter, meaning less wasted space, and we think the overall look is sexier than a tarted up swamp ogre on a Friday night.

The flowchart itself has moved away from the central area of GBAT. It now lives in a customisable panel allowing you to resize it, move off to the side, onto a second monitor or hide completely if you want to. Now just using the software is like playing a built in choose your own adventure!

There’s better integration between where you are in the flowchart and the rest of the software – doubleclicking an item in the outline view will now centralise your view around the corresponding node in the flowchart. This should prevent you from getting lost in your own gamebook, another victim of your own devious plot devices!

GBAT 1.10 is out later this month

GBAT 1-10 Preview – New Flowcharts
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