We’re taking a quick break from coding, biscuits and writing to wish our favourite evil warlock a very Happy Birthday!

It was 30 years ago today when we first took up our swords and dice and decided to raid Zagor’s mountain. It usually ended up with becoming Ghoul food or having some major organ poked out by a trap (due to using a wrong key.) This was the beginning of a series that spawned 50-something books, with the warlock making a return for book number 50 to torment us in ever more dreadful ways.

These books started a love of reading and choice – an interactive story, fancy that! We’re most likely here because of him.
So Happy 30th birthday Mr. Warlock. Have a biscuit!

Do you
Take the Jaffa cake? Turn to 17
Make the orc eat the digestive? Turn to 46
Attack the adventurer with the hobnob? Turn to 400

Happy 30th Birthday, Fighting Fantasy Series