It is time to introduce BiscuitLand, the crazy world where our first game and downloadable mini-adventure will be set.

BiscuitLand is a place where every fantasy clich̩ imaginable lives happily alongside a society which, much like our own, is bumbling along. Albeit in mostly terrified and harassed bumbles. People work, play, fall in love, conduct illicit affairs and say silly things Рonly to a chaotic swirling backdrop of zombies, angels, goblins, mermaids, wizards, dragons, aliens, giant monkeys, werewolves, vampires and dinosaurs. Most of our characters also have an unhealthy obsession with biscuits.

None of our characters can imagine a world where none of this happens. It simply is. Their world is one saturated in fantasy, and day-to-day they have to cope. It is not an easy task, as you will soon find out! Our games will plunge you face-first into BiscuitLand and it’s up to you survive! And eat biscuits!

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What is BiscuitLand?
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