We’re happy to announce the release of The GameBook Authoring Tool 1.1!

We’ve fixed a few bugs and added a couple of new features. Firstly, there is now a new “Book Properties” box where you can title your masterpiece. This will show up when you export your book.

The new book property dialog box.
Your books can now have titles and footers.

Speaking of exporting, you can now export your book to rich text format (rtf). This can be read by popular Microsoft products and OpenOffice and lots of other word processors, and this looks a lot nicer.

Export to rtf format
Export to rtf format

We’re on our way to exporting to lots of other formats. We are going to have PDF, HTML and XML soon. Do you want any others?
Try out the software today, it’s a great time saver when your writing your own adventures.

GBAT 1.1 is released
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