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Update: For some of you, the gamebook authoring tool isn’t even starting! Oh no! So here is a brand new installer which should install all the prerequisites. If you had problems stating the software, please try this and let us know how you get on. Thanks!

Here’s hoping your adventures have been prosperous thus far, and much XPs have been gained! Now, here’s a new Gamebook Authoring Tool release for you.

File association

Double clicking one of your saved GBAT files will now open the file up in The Gamebook Authoring Tool.


Fonts have been a much requested feature for some time now, and our output files have never looked the best. So now we have book-wide controls for section text, header and footer fonts, and your books can be as disgusting or as beautiful as you wish!
The font change affects the preview window and all of your output files, and each font change is saved in your GBAT file.

Zombie gamebook written in a scary font
Zombie in a scary font

Output Changes

To support all of this fontage, the exporters have been reviewed. They now have a great deal more flexibility built into them, which we can take advatantage of in future releases.

During this process, some things have changed which may affect your output files.


The much hated bullet points for choices have been removed!
If you miss them, you can tweak the HTML css to turn them back on again. Please let us know if this was your favourite feature and we will reconsider! However, most people seemed to hate the bullets.

XML (for devs)

We no longer use CDATA tags to store section text, instead relying on standard encoding for special characters. This should make your XML output more compatible with XML readers, but if you have written your own this is something to be aware of.

JSON (for devs)

Line endings have been changed from \r\n to just \n. This is more in line with the JSON philosophy of platform neutrality, and should help with JSON reader compatibility.

Bug Fixes

A whole fluff of vile and mutant bugs were vandalised:
– Shortcut keys for menus work again
– Fix rare crash opening file when some dialogs were open
– Choice Of Script missing endings tag fixed
– Docking panes no longer go super tiny

Download The GameBook Authoring Tool 1.14!

GBAT 1.14 is Released!
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