Hi Gamebook Gang!

Here’s a nice new version of the Gamebook Authoring Tool today. We have implemented a much-requested feature: choice templating!

Turn to choice now available
Turn to choice now available

You can find this new option under Gamebook Properties. You are no longer stuck with the hideous dashes in your choice output. You can use one of the new predefined templates:


If you preferred the old way – 7


You decide to choose your own adventure (17)

turn to

If Fighting Fantasy was more your thing, turn to 37


You decide to beat the wizard to death with your square bracket [400]

Don’t like any of these? Add your own! Choose the custom option and write your own template. Use the special tags {{text}} and {{destination}} as placeholders for your choice string.
Like this:
{{text}}, wiggle to {{destination}}

If you eat a bit more of the apple, wiggle to 75

Hope this makes sense! Enjoy!

Download The GameBook Authoring Tool 1.15!

GBAT 1.15 is Released!
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